OutCast Dance Studio is founded by Mr. Gavin Chan. He started off as a jazz trained dancer and has been dancing and performing since the age of 9. At the age of 18, he started travelling the world to further his knowledge in dance. He has trained in places like Sydney Dance Company, Pineapple Dance Studios(UK), Broadway Dance Center(NYC), Steps Dance Center(NYC), Djoniba Dance and Drum Center(NYC), Santo Rico Dance Studio(NYC) and Abakua Latin Dance Company(NYC) to name a few. During his 7 fruitful years of travelling, he picked up many dance styles including Salsa, African, Electric Boogaloo, House and Afro-Cuban Dance. These dance styles became his pet styles, all of which he developed his own unique flavour in. He is best known as a Salsa dancer and has earned international recognition for his work in Salsa. Some of his mentors are pioneers of their respective dance styles such as Eddie Torres, Frankie Martinez, Thomas Guerrerro, Juan Matos, Jazzy “Soulfire” J, Fabel, Mr. Wiggles, Djoniba Moufle, Brian “Footwork” Green, Spex, Shannon “Which Way” Sha, Ejoe Wilson.

Gavin has performed and taught in many international events and congresses in places like Los Angeles, New York, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. His unique dance style has earned him a place with Fogarate Dance Project in New York, directed by Mr. Juan Matos. He has even represented Australia at the Los Angeles Salsa Congress with the reigning World Salsa Champion, Oliver Pineda. He has been asked to adjudicate in international Salsa competitions including the Beijing qualifiers to the World Salsa Championships 2006 and the Asian Open Salsa Championships in Hong Kong 2007.

Gavin’s philosophy is very simple: Have fun through learning!! He has a wealth of knowledge to offer and is reputed for making his classes challenging but fun. He is dedicated in maintaining the authenticity and updatedness of the dance styles that he teaches. Currently, Gavin is still performing with his dance partner, Sally Oh, and also with his dance troupe, OutCast Dance Movement. Despite his accomplishments in dance, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Commerce and a Masters Degree in Commerce too :).