I started to dance at the age of 6 as a member of the dance group JUMBO and EMBODY based in Slovakia, that aim to educate versatile dancers. I went through the basics of classical dance, modern, jazz, contemporary dance, contact improvisation as well as hip hop and other styles of street dance.

After moving to Prague I enriched my dance collection with Kizomba and a new dance concept Ghetto Zouk Dance, on the creation of which I have been participating along with Vitor Mendes since 2015. During this time, I performed and taught by Vitor’s side at many festivals and workshops in Europe, Russia, and Canada.

Apart of Ghetto Zouk Dance, I am also involved in other dance projects: for example, I danced in two music videos of an American singer Piqi Miqi living in Prague and from September 2017 I perform in a musical Krysař in theatre Kalich.

Thanks to many years of dance experience and colorful dance background, I can, in addition to the techniques and steps Ghetto Zouk Dance, offer also general dance technique, which can be used in many other dance styles. My Lady Styling is not just about footwork and hip movement, but also about the correct and healthy posture, the power and control of the movement and of course about the elegance and femininity, because only a mix of all these ingredients will give the dance the right flavor and style. As for the dancing in a couple, I am happy to explain to the girls how to receive and pass on the information to their dance partners, so that both parties are able to enjoy the dance more. I can also give the guys tips on how to improve their leading that will be very appreciated by their dance partners!