Hailing from a Latin American dance background with several accolades to his name both in Sri Lanka and Asia, Kasun started dancing Salsa for fun.

It wasn’t long before he began attending dance festivals in Asia, where he was inspired by world-class international dancers to add Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba to his teaching schedule in short span of 4 years.

Kasun, founder and principal teacher at Star Latino’s Dance Academy, shares his passion and knowledge with his students through his teaching bringing variety and inspiration to everyone who attends.

• Certified Kizomba Teacher (Nelson Campos): April 2015 ** 1st Sri Lankan certified Kizomba teacher.
• Certified Salsa Teacher by Alma Latina Dance Company: July 2015
• Certified Bachata Teacher by Alma Latina Dance Company: July 2015
**1st Sri Lankan certified Salsa & Bachata teacher.
** 1st certified Alma Latina teacher in Asia.