Takahashi Mariko1

Has a career of 20 years in teaching as a free-lance instructor at Japanese major Sport-clubs. (GOLD GYM , Central fitness club, etc.). Started dance in university, studied dance from 2007 for 5 years in the United States Has been teaching dance and fitness in Los Angles, U.S.A. Show dancer/ Choreographer (Salsa and Latin Hip Hop)for some company in LA, U.S.A. Performs and teaches mainly in the city of Japan. Have been teaching Dance and Fitness at LOVE The Studio for 4 years, Teaches classes that lead to beauty by making use of fitness and dance experience

  • 2003 Japan Maternity Fitness Corporation ・ Gold Instructor/Serves a lecture for instructors around the country
  • 2003 MetroPolitian Cup Trio Division 3rd place 2004 Suzuki Japan Cup Team Division 5th place
  • 2006 Survival Aerobics Tokyo Cup Judge Special Award 2007 Survival Aerobics Yokohama Cup 3rd place
  • 2007 ~2012 Learned HipHop with Darrell Hollinquest, Rino Nakasone, Anthony Thomas 2009 ~2012 Learned Salsa/Bachata with Yesenia Serratos, Francisco Vasquez , and I had been assisting those teachers.
  • 2007~2012 Works as a dancer, dance teacher, and choreographer in LA, U.S.A
  • 2009 Performs in MC Hammer TV Show Commercial as a dancer Also has experience in other dance performances
  • 2010 Take part as a Presenter Assistant in Convention IDEA
  • 2010/2011 Dances in the Half-time show of LA Clippers(Professional Basketball Team)
  • 2013.3 Returns to Japan, establishes M Style Corporation
  • 2013.7 Produces and Opens LOVE The Studio
  • 2014.6 Japan Salsa Pair Competition Pair・ Professional Division Prize-winner
  • 2014.10 Japan Salsa Congress Professional Pair Division Prize-winner
  • 2015.5 Participates in LA salsa Congress Pair Division (From Japan)
  • 2015.10 Japan Salsa Congress(Team Division) Prize-winner
  • 2016.5 LA Salsa Congress 2016.10 Japan Salsa Congress(Team Division) Prize-winner
  • 2017.5 will be performing in LA Salsa Congress