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Yann from France and Marta from Poland make a really unlikely couple… But one you surely don’t want to miss. Both are super passionate dancers, who love to discover and experiment with new styles. Yann is a hip hop and kizomba dancer. Born in Africa where he was surrounded with music and dance since an early age at every corner. His style is nothing less than amazing musicality and smoothness. Yann is currently on an Asia tour after teaching kizomba for past 4 years in France. He was teaching in India, Thailand and Vietnam. He is also an organiser of Happy Kiz days festival back in France which host over 1000 people! Marta is the 2016 Vietnam Bachata Champion… and kizomba addict. She has taught and performed in the UK, India, Poland, Cambodia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam. She knows no rules or boundries, which makes her dancing style interesting and unique. Marta is also Samba teacher and performer and these various backgrounds have allowed her to play with music in her own special way.