yogesh Saprina (2)

Yogesh Raj Shrestha(Founder/CEO/Instructor of FORT SALSA STUDIO PVT.LTD.)  first started salsa because of a desire that he formed as a child while watching performances on T.V. He joined Salsa Dance Academy for a formal Latin dance education on 2009 and has been dancing ever since. During the first Latin dance festival 2011 in Kathmandu; he had an opportunity to experience the Bachata dance form. Yogesh, who is now the Bachata King of Nepal, says he fell in love with the music of Bachata and the rhythm of it. After that he has been passionately learning Bachata and spreading his love of the dance form throughout Kathmandu and abroad. He has been guest instructor during many Bachata congresses in the Asian sub continent. And he wishes to bring into Nepal the knowledge that he gains by going to these congress and learning from other international instructors.