Being born to a Portuguese father and Malayalee mother, Kalnish Kashna Schubert is a product of two wonderful cultures that each has dance and arts imbibed into their way of life. From a very tender age, Kalnish has had a love for dance and music and used to spend much of her free time dancing to various music.

Kalnish stated engaging herself with dance from the age of nine. Having initially developing her moves all on her own, she enrolled in various dance classes over the years. She has since acquired skills and performed Salsa, Bachata, Bhangra, Bollywood and contemporary dances. She learned Latin dances from the personal coaching of her mom and later enrolled and graduated from the Shiamak Davar Dance Academy in Mumbai, India in 2014. While in India she was actively involved in shows in India such as the Star Parivaar Awards 2013 and Toni and Guy show 2013. She had been teaching Kids & Adult Bollywood and Kids Salsa at her mom’s dance studio, Shamballa Tribeni Dance and Music School, in Klang, Malaysia.


  • 2014      –   One Year Dance Programme at Shiamak Davar Dance Academy, Mumbai, India

  • 2015     –   Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching at Dance Academy, Melbourne, Australia

  • 2015     –   Certificate III in Dance at Dance Academy, Melbourne, Australia

  • 2016     –   Certificate IV in Dance at Dance Academy, Melbourne, Australia

  • 2017      –   Diploma of Musical Theatre at Dance Academy, Melbourne, Australia

Past Performances.

  • The Malaysian Vesaki Festival 2009

  • The World Bachata Festival, Kuala Lumpur 2010

  • The Malaysian Vesaki Festival 2010

  • The International Indian Food Festival in China 2011

  • Corporate shows in Bangkok, Thailand in 2011.

  • The Malaysian Vesaki Festival 2011.

  • The World Bachata Festival, Kuala Lumpur 2012

  • World Star Road to Hollywood in 2012.

  • India International Dance Congress at Bangalore, India in 2014

  • Osaka Latin Dance Festival 2014

  • Sydney International Bachata Festival 2015

  • The World Bachata Festival, Kuala Lumpur 2015

  • The World Bachata Festival, Kuala Lumpur 2016

  • Boracay Latin Dance Festival, Boracay, Philippines 2018

Kalnish was also featured in the Malaysian Government Education Portal for her involvement in dance. Her goal is to perform on the stages of the world and to teach and groom children in the finer skills of dancing. “Children are my Passion”aptly summarises the character of this angelic girl.